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Use & Care

Dufflebag Assembly

STEP 1 — Attach clip to biothane webbing on either side of the bag

STEP 2 — Attach carabiner to the other side of the bag with the front of the strap facing up

STEP 3 — Wear bag over the shoulder with the flat side of the bag resting against your body.

Backpack Assembly

STEP 1 — Attach clip to the webbing loop at the bottom of the bag with the front of the strap facing up.

STEP 2 — Feed strap through biothane webbing and lay flat on front of strap.

STEP 3 — Clip carabiner to the front of the strap using one of the webbing loops depending on desired length.

Product Care

The MILE ONE is designed to be rugged and stand up to the rigors of global travel.

Use the bag as you see fit, but don’t abuse it.

Dyneema® develops a marbled finish as it wears. This doesn’t reduce the performance of the fabric and is a nice reflection of the travel you’ve made with your MILE ONE.

To wash your MILE ONE, soak it in a bathtub or large basin with Kookaburra Wash — a plant-based alternative to “traditional” laundry detergents.

Rinse thoroughly. Then, air dry.

Do not tumble dry, use harsh chemicals, bleach or iron.